Class ListJobTriggersRequest (3.12.0)

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ListJobTriggersRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Request message for ListJobTriggers.


parent str
Required. Parent resource name. The format of this value varies depending on whether you have `specified a processing location
page_token str
Page token to continue retrieval. Comes from previous call to ListJobTriggers. order_by field must not change for subsequent calls.
page_size int
Size of the page, can be limited by a server.
order_by str
Comma separated list of triggeredJob fields to order by, followed by asc or desc postfix. This list is case-insensitive, default sorting order is ascending, redundant space characters are insignificant. Example: name asc,update_time, create_time desc Supported fields are: - create_time: corresponds to the time the JobTrigger was created. - update_time: corresponds to the time the JobTrigger was last updated. - last_run_time: corresponds to the last time the JobTrigger ran. - name: corresponds to the JobTrigger's name. - display_name: corresponds to the JobTrigger's display name. - status: corresponds to JobTrigger's status.
filter str
Allows filtering. Supported syntax: - Filter expressions are made up of one or more restrictions. - Restrictions can be combined by AND or OR logical operators. A sequence of restrictions implicitly uses AND. - A restriction has the form of {field} {operator} {value}. - Supported fields/values for inspect triggers: - status - HEALTHY|PAUSED|CANCELLED - inspected_storage - DATASTORE|CLOUD_STORAGE|BIGQUERY - 'last_run_time\` - RFC 3339 formatted timestamp, surrounded by quotation marks. Nanoseconds are ignored. - 'error_count' - Number of errors that have occurred while running. - The operator must be = or != for status and inspected_storage. Examples: - inspected_storage = cloud_storage AND status = HEALTHY - inspected_storage = cloud_storage OR inspected_storage = bigquery - inspected_storage = cloud_storage AND (state = PAUSED OR state = HEALTHY) - last_run_time > "2017-12-12T00:00:00+00:00" The length of this field should be no more than 500 characters.
The type of jobs. Will use DlpJobType.INSPECT if not set.
location_id str
Deprecated. This field has no effect.