Class ListTableDataProfilesRequest (3.18.0)

    mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs

Request to list the profiles generated for a given organization or project.


Name Description
parent str
Required. Resource name of the organization or project, for example organizations/433245324/locations/europe or projects/project-id/locations/asia.
page_token str
Page token to continue retrieval.
page_size int
Size of the page. This value can be limited by the server. If zero, server returns a page of max size 100.
order_by str
Comma separated list of fields to order by, followed by asc or desc postfix. This list is case insensitive. The default sorting order is ascending. Redundant space characters are insignificant. Only one order field at a time is allowed. Examples: - project_id asc - table_id - sensitivity_level desc Supported fields are: - project_id: The Google Cloud project ID. - dataset_id: The ID of a BigQuery dataset. - table_id: The ID of a BigQuery table. - sensitivity_level: How sensitive the data in a table is, at most. - data_risk_level: How much risk is associated with this data. - profile_last_generated: When the profile was last updated in epoch seconds. - last_modified: The last time the resource was modified. - resource_visibility: Visibility restriction for this resource. - row_count: Number of rows in this resource.
filter str
Allows filtering. Supported syntax: - Filter expressions are made up of one or more restrictions. - Restrictions can be combined by AND or OR logical operators. A sequence of restrictions implicitly uses AND. - A restriction has the form of {field} {operator} {value}. - Supported fields/values: - project_id - The Google Cloud project ID. - dataset_id - The BigQuery dataset ID. - table_id - The ID of the BigQuery table. - sensitivity_level - HIGH|MODERATE|LOW - data_risk_level - HIGH|MODERATE|LOW - resource_visibility: PUBLIC|RESTRICTED - status_code - an RPC status code as defined in - The operator must be = or !=. Examples: - project_id = 12345 AND status_code = 1 - project_id = 12345 AND sensitivity_level = HIGH - project_id = 12345 AND resource_visibility = PUBLIC The length of this field should be no more than 500 characters.