Class CloudStorageRegexFileSet

Message representing a set of files in a Cloud Storage bucket. Regular expressions are used to allow fine-grained control over which files in the bucket to include.

Included files are those that match at least one item in include_regex and do not match any items in exclude_regex. Note that a file that matches items from both lists will not be included. For a match to occur, the entire file path (i.e., everything in the url after the bucket name) must match the regular expression.

For example, given the input {bucket_name: "mybucket", include_regex: ["directory1/.*"], exclude_regex: ["directory1/excluded.*"]}:

  • gs://mybucket/directory1/myfile will be included
  • gs://mybucket/directory1/directory2/myfile will be included (.* matches across /)
  • gs://mybucket/directory0/directory1/myfile will not be included (the full path doesn't match any items in include_regex)
  • gs://mybucket/directory1/excludedfile will not be included (the path matches an item in exclude_regex)

If include_regex is left empty, it will match all files by default (this is equivalent to setting include_regex: [".*"]).

Some other common use cases:

  • {bucket_name: "mybucket", exclude_regex: [".*\.pdf"]} will include all files in mybucket except for .pdf files
  • {bucket_name: "mybucket", include_regex: ["directory/[^/]+"]} will include all files directly under gs://mybucket/directory/, without matching across /
The name of a Cloud Storage bucket. Required.
A list of regular expressions matching file paths to include. All files in the bucket that match at least one of these regular expressions will be included in the set of files, except for those that also match an item in ``exclude_regex``. Leaving this field empty will match all files by default (this is equivalent to including ``.*`` in the list). Regular expressions use RE2 `syntax


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > CloudStorageRegexFileSet