Class DataRiskLevel (3.12.1)

DataRiskLevel(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Score is a summary of all elements in the data profile. A higher number means more risk.


The score applied to the resource.




Various score levels for resources.

Values: RISK_SCORE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unused. RISK_LOW (10): Low risk - Lower indication of sensitive data that appears to have additional access restrictions in place or no indication of sensitive data found. RISK_MODERATE (20): Medium risk - Sensitive data may be present but additional access or fine grain access restrictions appear to be present. Consider limiting access even further or transform data to mask. RISK_HIGH (30): High risk – SPII may be present. Access controls may include public ACLs. Exfiltration of data may lead to user data loss. Re-identification of users may be possible. Consider limiting usage and or removing SPII.