Class ListDlpJobsRequest (3.14.0)

ListDlpJobsRequest(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

The request message for listing DLP jobs.


parent str
Required. Parent resource name. The format of this value varies depending on whether you have `specified a processing location
filter str
Allows filtering. Supported syntax: - Filter expressions are made up of one or more restrictions. - Restrictions can be combined by AND or OR logical operators. A sequence of restrictions implicitly uses AND. - A restriction has the form of {field} {operator} {value}. - Supported fields/values for inspect jobs: - state - PENDING|RUNNING|CANCELED|FINISHED|FAILED - inspected_storage - DATASTORE|CLOUD_STORAGE|BIGQUERY - trigger_name - The name of the trigger that created the job. - 'end_time\` - Corresponds to the time the job finished. - 'start_time\` - Corresponds to the time the job finished. - Supported fields for risk analysis jobs: - state - RUNNING|CANCELED|FINISHED|FAILED - 'end_time\` - Corresponds to the time the job finished. - 'start_time\` - Corresponds to the time the job finished. - The operator must be = or !=. Examples: - inspected_storage = cloud_storage AND state = done - inspected_storage = cloud_storage OR inspected_storage = bigquery - inspected_storage = cloud_storage AND (state = done OR state = canceled) - end_time > "2017-12-12T00:00:00+00:00" The length of this field should be no more than 500 characters.
page_size int
The standard list page size.
page_token str
The standard list page token.
The type of job. Defaults to DlpJobType.INSPECT
order_by str
Comma separated list of fields to order by, followed by asc or desc postfix. This list is case insensitive. The default sorting order is ascending. Redundant space characters are insignificant. Example: name asc, end_time asc, create_time desc Supported fields are: - create_time: corresponds to the time the job was created. - end_time: corresponds to the time the job ended. - name: corresponds to the job's name. - state: corresponds to state
location_id str
Deprecated. This field has no effect.