Class ListJobTriggersRequest (0.12.1)

Request message for ListJobTriggers.

Optional page token to continue retrieval. Comes from previous call to ListJobTriggers. order_by field must not change for subsequent calls.

Optional comma separated list of triggeredJob fields to order by, followed by asc or desc postfix. This list is case-insensitive, default sorting order is ascending, redundant space characters are insignificant. Example: name asc,update_time, create_time desc Supported fields are: - create_time: corresponds to time the JobTrigger was created. - update_time: corresponds to time the JobTrigger was last updated. - last_run_time: corresponds to the last time the JobTrigger ran. - name: corresponds to JobTrigger's name. - display_name: corresponds to JobTrigger's display name. - status: corresponds to JobTrigger's status.


builtins.object > google.protobuf.pyext._message.CMessage > builtins.object > google.protobuf.message.Message > ListJobTriggersRequest