Repairing a Cloud Extension

If the Cloud Extension creation task fails, loses connectivity, or edge node instance(s) become unavailable, the Cloud Extension is considered Impaired. After fixing the underlying causes, you can update this status to Repaired using either the Migrate for Compute Engine Manager or vCenter. Repairing the Cloud Extension attempts to recreate the missing components and/or re-run relevant health checks.

Once the Cloud Extension is repaired, the status is set to Active.

Repair via Migrate for Compute Engine Manager

To repair the Cloud Extension via Migrate for Compute Engine Manager:

  1. Log in to your Migrate for Compute Engine Manager.

  2. Click the Target Cloud icon.

  3. Click to select any impaired Cloud Extension.

  4. Click the Repair button.

  5. Click Yes to proceed.

Repair via vCenter

To repair the Cloud Extension via vCenter:

  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Datacenter > Velostrata > Repair Cloud Extension.

  2. Select the required Cloud Extension and click Repair.

  3. Click Yes to repair the selected Cloud Extension.

To view progress, review one of the following:

  • The Velostrata Cloud Extension portlet
  • The Status column of the Datacenter Summary page
  • The associated vSphere task.

Repair via PowerShell

To repair the Cloud Extension via PowerShell:

  1. Run Connect-VelostrataManager to connect to the Velostrata Manager.

  2. When prompted, enter details for the Server, Username (apiuser), and Password.

  3. To start the repair, run

Repair-VelosCe -CloudExtensionDescription $ce