Planning a migration overview

This series of documents is a deep dive into the functions of Migrate for Compute Engine. If you want to get started quickly, see Getting Started with Velostrata.

Before you begin a migration, you must evaluate and set up your source and Google Cloud data centers.

The topics listed below provide conceptual overviews of the migration process. If you have never performed a migration, we recommend that you read these guides in the order listed.

  1. Velostrata architecture on Google Cloud: Understand the different components of Migrate for Compute Engine.
  2. Running VMs vs Migrating VMs: Learn the difference between running on-premises VMs on Google Cloud compared to migrating on-premises VMs to Google Cloud.
  3. Migration Workflows: Learn about the workflow for a typical migration of one or many applications.
  4. VM Migration Lifecycle: Learn about the phases a VM undergoes during the course of a migration.
  5. Understanding Storage Policies: Learn about storage policy options and how to change storage policies.
  6. Cloud Instance Rightsizing: Determine which type of Google Cloud Cloud Instances best suit your needs.
  7. Network Access Requirements: Understand the firewall and access control rules needed for your migration.
  8. Customizing Individual VM Migrations: Learn about changing the configurations of migrated VMs to enable them to run on Google Cloud.

For specific procedures related to the topics in this section, see: