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Planning a migration overview

This series of documents is a deep dive into the functions of Velostrata. If you want to get started quickly, see Getting Started with Velostrata.

Before you begin a migration, you must evaluate and set up your source and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data centers.

The topics listed below provide conceptual overviews of the migration process. If you have never performed a migration, we recommend that you read these guides in the order listed.

  1. Velostrata architecture on GCP: Understand the different components of Velostrata.
  2. Running VMs vs Migrating VMs: Learn the difference between running on-premises VMs on GCP compared to migrating on-premises VMs to GCP.
  3. Migration Workflows: Learn about the workflow for a typical migration of one or many applications.
  4. VM Migration Lifecycle: Learn about the phases a VM undergoes during the course of a migration.
  5. Understanding Storage Policies: Learn about storage policy options and how to change storage policies.
  6. Cloud Instance Rightsizing: Determine which type of GCP Cloud Instances best suit your needs.
  7. Network Access Requirements: Understand the firewall and access control rules needed for your migration.
  8. Customizing Individual VM Migrations: Learn about changing the configurations of migrated VMs to enable them to run on GCP.

For specific procedures related to the topics in this section, see:

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