Monitoring with Stackdriver

To help you monitor connections, Cloud Interconnect reports metrics to Stackdriver. Monitoring these metrics can help you troubleshoot issues with your physical circuits (interconnects) or VLAN attachments. For Dedicated Interconnect, measurements are collected for both. For Partner Interconnect, measurements are collected for VLAN attachments only.

Google starts reporting interconnect metrics after Google allocates your ports, even before your interconnect is ready to use. That way, you can monitor the circuits while they're being set up and tested.

Google starts reporting VLAN attachment metrics right after you create the attachment. Google reports the number of packets and bytes sent and received.

Data is reported in one minute intervals to Stackdriver and is retained in Stackdriver for 6 weeks.

Viewing metrics

Go to Stackdriver in the Google Cloud Platform Console to view Stackdriver monitoring dashboards or to define Stackdriver alerts. You can also use the Stackdriver monitoring API to query and view metrics for your interconnect and VLAN attachments.

Metrics and resource types

Stackdriver collects measurements on interconnect and VLAN attachment metrics.

  • To see the Cloud Interconnect metrics, view the Metrics List in the Stackdriver documentation.
  • To see the details for the interconnect and interconnect_attachment monitored resource types, view Monitored Resource Types in the Stackdriver documentation.

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