Identifier votre hébergeur de domaine

A domain host is an internet service that manages your domain name, such as, Domain hosts use Domain Name System (DNS) records to connect your domain name with email, websites, and other web services. Popular domain hosts include GoDaddy, enom, DreamHost, and 1&1 IONOS, to name a few.

Google Cloud uses DNS records to set up online services. For example, to use your domain with Google Workspace, add DNS records with your domain host. 

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Find your domain host

Check your billing records

Your domain host is typically who you bought your domain name from. If you don't remember who your domain host is, search your email archives for billing records about registration or transfer of your domain name. 

Your domain host is listed on your invoice.

Use ICANN Lookup

If you can't find your billing records, you can search for your domain host online. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit organization that collects domain information. Use the ICANN Lookup tool to find your domain host.

  1. Go to
  2. In the search field, enter your domain name and click Lookup.
  3. In the results page, scroll down to Registrar Information.
    The registrar is usually your domain host.

Domain resellers

Some domains are hosted by resellers through a separate registrar. If you can't sign in with your listed registrar or the registrar field is blank, your domain host might be a reseller.

  1. In the ICANN Lookup results page, scroll down to the Raw Registry RDAP Response.
  2. Look for the Reseller entry.
  3. Go to the reseller's website.
  4. Sign in with the credentials you used when you purchased (or transferred) your domain.
    If you forgot your password, contact the reseller's support team.

If there is no reseller listed, contact the listed registrar's support team for help.

Third-party DNS hosts

Several third-party DNS hosting services, such as and FreeDNS, offer custom DNS hosting. If you use a third-party DNS host for your domain, the registrar listed in the ICANN Lookup is not where your domain records are managed.

Sign in to your third-party DNS host to access your domain records.

Get support

If you still need help identifying your domain host, you can contact Google Workspace support

Next steps

Once you identify your domain host, you can:​


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