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Verifying your domain

Before you can use your domain with Cloud Identity, you need to verify that you own it. Your domain is your web address, as in Verifying your domain prevents anyone else from using it with Cloud Identity.

Why verify?

Verifying your domain is the first step in setting up Cloud Identity for your business. If you are the person who signed up for Cloud Identity, this makes you the administrator of your new account. You need to verify that you own your business domain before you can use Cloud Identity. This ensures your account is secure and that no one else can use services from your domain. 

How do I verify?

You verify your domain through your domain host (typically where you purchased your domain name). Your domain host maintains records (DNS settings) that direct internet traffic to your domain name. (Go to Identify your domain host.)

Cloud Identity gives you a verification record to add to your domain's DNS settings. When Cloud Identity sees the record exists, your domain ownership is confirmed. The verification record doesn't affect your website or email.

For step-by-step instructions about verifying your domain, go to Verify your domain (host-specific steps). See also the sections below.

Add a record to your domain settings

Add a verification record to your domain settings. Follow step-by-step instructions in the Verify domain ownership setup wizard, receive your unique record (either TXT or CNAME depending on the preferences of your domain host), and add it to your domain's DNS settings so that Google can verify your domain ownership.

For instructions, go to Add a CNAME record for Cloud Identity or Verify your domain with a TXT record

Verify a domain that you currently own

For instructions, go to Set up Cloud Identity with a domain you currently own.

Next steps

When you have successfully verified your domain, you're ready to create new users for your Identity account.
Note: The process of adding a DNS record only takes 10 minutes, but verification can take up to 72 hours and is controlled by the domain host.