Billing questions

How frequently does Cloud Domains billing charge my account?

Once you set up Cloud Billing for Cloud Domains and register a domain, you get billed 1/12th of the yearly domain cost every month for 12 months.

When you register a domain using the Cloud Console, the price for each domain is available on the Cloud Console and your total cost is calculated on the domain registration page as you add domains to your cart.

Why am I being charged differently for different domains?

Prices vary based on domain endings (TLDs). For example, if you buy,, and, the yearly cost of each of these domains differ because the domain endings .com, .net and .org have different costs. For detailed pricing information, see the Cloud Domains pricing page.

How do I terminate my domain registration?

You cannot terminate a registration or delete a registered resource until you export it to Google Domains. Once you export it, you continue to be billed for it until your 12-month period from the registration date ends. For details, see the Troubleshooting section.

Can I manage my Cloud Domains billing outside Google Cloud?

You cannot register a domain with Cloud Domains and use Google Domains to manage the domain's billing. If you want to manage a domain's billing account individually (outside a Google Cloud) project, you must export the domain from Cloud Domains to Google Domains. You can also transfer out your domain to third-party registrars. However, once you register a domain with Cloud Domains, even if you choose to export it to Google Domains or a third-party within 12 months from the date of registration, you are billed for the full 12 months.

For information on Google Domains billing, see the Google Domains TLD pricing page.

For information about billing issues, see the Troubleshooting section.

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