Billing questions

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This page provides billing information for Cloud Domains.

I have just registered a domain. How will I be billed?

Most new registrations are billed with Subscription billing.

If your Cloud Billing account's address is in Brazil, you are billed with Commitment billing.

If you registered a domain prior to GA of Cloud Domains, your domain might be on Monthly billing until its next renewal. For billing details, see Billing for newly-registered domains.

I have just transferred a domain from another provider. How frequently do I get billed?

Transferred-in domains are billed immediately for a year when transfer completes. Transferring also extends the registration period by one year.

For details, see Billing for transferred-in domains.


Suppose that you register a domain with another provider in Sept 2021 at $10 per year. The domain is set to expire in Sept 2022. You transfer it to Cloud Domains in Dec 2021. Cloud Domains charges you $10 at the time of transfer. Your registration is extended for one year until Sept 2023. Your next billing event is Sept 2023, when you are charged $10 to extend the registration for a year until Sept 2024.

In this example, you are charged $10 three times and get three years of registration.

How will I be billed for renewals?

When any domain in the project reaches its expiration and is automatically renewed, the renewals are also billed at annual rates during the next monthly billing cycle following the renewal. This includes renewals for existing domains that were previously billed monthly—beginning with the next renewal, they will be billed annually instead.

Note that this takes effect on Jan 10, 2022. Renewals before that date will continue using monthly billing.

Why am I being charged differently for different domains?

Prices vary based on domain endings (TLDs). For example, if you buy,, and, the yearly cost of each of these domains differs because the domain endings .wiki, .charity and .info have different costs. For detailed pricing information, see the Cloud Domains pricing page.

I don't want to be billed anymore. How do I discontinue my domain registration?

You can either export a domain registration to Google Domains or delete the resource. You are still charged the full annual amount of your last registration, renewal, or transfer. For details about disabling automatic renewals, see the Troubleshooting section. For pricing details and billing models, see Pricing.

Can I manage my Cloud Domains billing outside Google Cloud?

You cannot register a domain with Cloud Domains and use Google Domains to manage the domain's billing. If you want to manage a domain's billing account individually (outside a Google Cloud) project, you must export the domain from Cloud Domains to Google Domains. You can also transfer out your domain to third-party registrars. However, once you register a domain with Cloud Domains, even if you choose to export it to Google Domains or a third-party within 12 months from the date of registration, you are billed for the full 12 months.

Where can I find further billing details?

For information on Google Domains billing, see the Google Domains TLD pricing page.

For information about billing issues, see the Troubleshooting billing section.

Billing questions

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