CNAME chasing

CNAME chasing refers to the lookup performed by a name server when the name server needs to resolve a dependent record as part of processing a CNAME record. CNAME chasing applies only to private Domain Name System (DNS) resources; CNAME records in public managed zones are always chased by the user's resolver.

The following table shows the CNAME behavior in Cloud DNS private and public zones.

CNAME in a Cloud DNS private zone CNAME in a public zone
Cloud DNS resolver Authoritative server chases the CNAME target within the Cloud DNS private zones accessible on the query's network. CNAME targets are not chased to the public internet (including Cloud DNS public zones). CNAME targets returned from forwarding zones are not chased. Cloud DNS resolver chases the CNAME target across authoritative servers, but does not check the CNAME target for private Cloud DNS zone matches.
External DNS resolver Not accessible External resolver is responsible for chasing the CNAME.

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