Creating zones with internationalized domain names

This page describes how to use internationalized domain names (IDN) with Cloud DNS.

Creating a new managed public zone with an IDN suffix

Cloud DNS allows you to create a domain name using Punycode that some applications can recognize and render in an international language-specific script.

To create a new managed zone with an IDN suffix:


  1. Go to the Create a DNS zone page in the Cloud Console.

    Go to the Create a DNS zone page

  2. Choose Public for the Zone type.

  3. Enter a Zone name. For example, my-new-zone.

  4. Enter a DNS name suffix in Punycode format for the zone using a domain name that you own. For example, for the domain name to appear as, use the IDN representation of ελ for the suffix, which is .xn--qxam. All records in the zone share this suffix.

  5. Under DNSSEC, select Off, On, or Transfer. For more information, see DNSSEC configuration.

  6. Click Create. The Zone details page is displayed.

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