Google Assistant

If you are developing a Google Assistant application, you can either use Dialogflow or Google Assistant's Conversational Actions to build your conversational experience. This document compares the two approaches.

For any issue or guidance specific to Google Assistant, you may reach out to their support team.

Dialogflow's integration with Google Assistant

Dialogflow provides a seamless integration with Google Assistant. This integration has the following advantages:

  • You can use the same Dialogflow agent to power Google Assistant and other integrations.
  • Dialogflow agents provide Google Cloud enterprise-grade security, privacy, support, and SLAs.

See: Dialogflow and legacy Actions SDK. You can also see the June 2020 snapshot of the Google Assistant legacy integration documentation.

Conversational Actions

The Google Assistant Conversational Actions development platform is a built-in conversation builder, and it does not integrate with Dialogflow. This platform has the following advantages:

  • Provides a more immersive end-user experience on Google Assistant devices.

See Conversational Actions.