Setting Internet Time Protocol

Setting Internet Network Time Protocol (NTP)


The time and date settings on an Agent's computer can greatly impact apps and services used throughout the day. For CCAI Platform, if the settings are not set automatically by an internet service, time sync within the product can be off. This may present itself in the Agent Adapter where the agent status timer doesn't start at 0:00 when the status is changed. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

Setting NTP servers on a Mac OSX

  1. From your system preferences, click Date & Time.

  2. Click on the lock icon to unlock the ability to make changes.

  3. Once unlocked, replace the apple address with the NTP server address

  4. Exit System Preferences.

Setting NTP servers on Windows 10

  1. Go to your Windows Control Panel and find the Date and Time option.

  2. Click on the Internet Time tab.

  3. Click Change Settings.

  4. Select Synchronize with an Internet Time server.

  5. Enter the NTP server:

  6. Click Update now.