A list of all Linux accounts for this project. This API is only used by Compute Engine virtual machines to get information about user accounts for a project or instance. The Linux resources are read-only views into users and groups managed by the Compute Engine Accounts API.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

  "kind": "clouduseraccounts#linuxAccountViews",
  "userViews": [
      "uid": unsigned integer,
      "gid": unsigned integer,
      "username": string,
      "gecos": string,
      "shell": string,
      "homeDirectory": string
  "groupViews": [
      "groupName": string,
      "gid": unsigned integer,
      "members": [
Property name Value Description Notes
groupViews[] list [Output Only] A list of all groups within a project.
groupViews[].gid unsigned integer [Output Only] The Group ID.
groupViews[].groupName string [Output Only] Group name.
groupViews[].members[] list [Output Only] List of user accounts that belong to the group.
kind string [Output Only] Type of the resource. Always clouduseraccounts#linuxAccountViews for Linux resources.
userViews[] list [Output Only] A list of all users within a project.
userViews[].gecos string [Output Only] The GECOS (user information) entry for this account.
userViews[].gid unsigned integer [Output Only] User's default group ID.
userViews[].homeDirectory string [Output Only] The path to the home directory for this account.
userViews[].shell string [Output Only] The path to the login shell for this account.
userViews[].uid unsigned integer [Output Only] User ID.
userViews[].username string [Output Only] The username of the account.


Returns a list of authorized public keys for a specific user account.
Retrieves a list of user accounts for an instance within a specific project.

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