REST Resource: autoscalers

Resource: Autoscaler

Represents an Autoscaler resource.

Google Compute Engine has two Autoscaler resources:

Use autoscalers to automatically add or delete instances from a managed instance group according to your defined autoscaling policy. For more information, read Autoscaling Groups of Instances.

For zonal managed instance groups resource, use the autoscaler resource.

For regional managed instance groups, use the regionAutoscalers resource.

JSON representation
  "id": string,
  "creationTimestamp": string,
  "name": string,
  "description": string,
  "target": string,
  "autoscalingPolicy": {
    "minNumReplicas": integer,
    "maxNumReplicas": integer,
    "scaleInControl": {
      "maxScaledInReplicas": {
        "fixed": integer,
        "percent": integer,
        "calculated": integer
      "timeWindowSec": integer
    "coolDownPeriodSec": integer,
    "cpuUtilization": {
      "utilizationTarget": number,
      "predictiveMethod": enum
    "customMetricUtilizations": [
        "metric": string,
        "filter": string,
        "utilizationTargetType": enum,

        "utilizationTarget": number,
        "singleInstanceAssignment": number
    "loadBalancingUtilization": {
      "utilizationTarget": number
    "mode": enum,
    "scalingSchedules": {
      string: {
        "minRequiredReplicas": integer,
        "schedule": string,
        "timeZone": string,
        "durationSec": integer,
        "disabled": bool