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FilterAdapter (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 1.3.0 API)

Class FilterAdapter

  • java.lang.Object

  • public class FilterAdapter
    extends Object
    An adapter for converting an HBase Filter into Bigtable RowFilter objects
    $Id: $Id
    • Constructor Detail

      • FilterAdapter

        protected FilterAdapter()
        Building the adapter map properly requires using a reference to the main FilterAdapter (to pass to FilterListAdapter). As a result, a full adapter should be acquired via #buildAdapter().
    • Method Detail

      • throwIfUnsupportedFilter

        public void throwIfUnsupportedFilter(Scan scan,
                                             Filter filter)
        Throw a new UnsupportedFilterException if the given filter cannot be adapted to bigtable reader expressions.
        scan - a Scan object.
        filter - a Filter object.
      • collectUnsupportedStatuses

        public void collectUnsupportedStatuses(FilterAdapterContext context,
                                               Filter filter,
                                               List<FilterSupportStatus> statuses)
        Recursively collect all unsupported filters contained in Filter (which may be a FilterList)
        filter - The filter to inspect
        statuses - A mutable list of status into which we will add any that indicate an unsupported Filter was found.
        context - a FilterAdapterContext object.
      • getAdapterForFilterOrThrow

        protected SingleFilterAdapter<?> getAdapterForFilterOrThrow(Filter filter)
        Get the adapter for the given Filter or throw an UnsupportedFilterException if one is not available.
        filter - a Filter object.
        a SingleFilterAdapter object.

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