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CallOptionsFactory (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 1.3.0 API)

Interface CallOptionsFactory

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      • create

        <RequestT> io.grpc.CallOptions create(io.grpc.MethodDescriptor<RequestT,?> descriptor,
                                              RequestT request)
        Provide a CallOptions object to be used in a single RPC. CallOptions can contain state, specifically start time with an expiration is set; in cases when timeouts are used, implementations should create a new CallOptions each time this method is called.
        Type Parameters:
        RequestT - a RequestT object.
        descriptor - The RPC that's being called. Different methods have different performance characteristics, so this parameter can be useful to craft the right timeout for the right method.
        request - Some methods, specifically ReadRows, can have variability depending on the request. The request can be for either a single row, or a range. This parameter can be used to tune timeouts
        a CallOptions object.

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