REST Resource: projects.instances

Resource: Instance

A collection of Bigtable Tables and the resources that serve them. All tables in an instance are served from all Clusters in the instance.

JSON representation
  "name": string,
  "displayName": string,
  "state": enum (State),
  "type": enum (Type),
  "labels": {
    string: string,


(OutputOnly) The unique name of the instance. Values are of the form projects/<project>/instances/[a-z][a-z0-9\\-]+[a-z0-9].



The descriptive name for this instance as it appears in UIs. Can be changed at any time, but should be kept globally unique to avoid confusion.


enum (State)

(OutputOnly) The current state of the instance.


enum (Type)

The type of the instance. Defaults to PRODUCTION.


map (key: string, value: string)

Labels are a flexible and lightweight mechanism for organizing cloud resources into groups that reflect a customer's organizational needs and deployment strategies. They can be used to filter resources and aggregate metrics.

  • Label keys must be between 1 and 63 characters long and must conform to the regular expression: [\p{Ll}\p{Lo}][\p{Ll}\p{Lo}\p{N}_-]{0,62}.
  • Label values must be between 0 and 63 characters long and must conform to the regular expression: [\p{Ll}\p{Lo}\p{N}_-]{0,63}.
  • No more than 64 labels can be associated with a given resource.
  • Keys and values must both be under 128 bytes.

An object containing a list of "key": value pairs. Example: { "name": "wrench", "mass": "1.3kg", "count": "3" }.


Possible states of an instance.

STATE_NOT_KNOWN The state of the instance could not be determined.
READY The instance has been successfully created and can serve requests to its tables.
CREATING The instance is currently being created, and may be destroyed if the creation process encounters an error.


The type of the instance.

TYPE_UNSPECIFIED The type of the instance is unspecified. If set when creating an instance, a PRODUCTION instance will be created. If set when updating an instance, the type will be left unchanged.
PRODUCTION An instance meant for production use. serveNodes must be set on the cluster.
DEVELOPMENT The instance is meant for development and testing purposes only; it has no performance or uptime guarantees and is not covered by SLA. After a development instance is created, it can be upgraded by updating the instance to type PRODUCTION. An instance created as a production instance cannot be changed to a development instance. When creating a development instance, serveNodes on the cluster must not be set.



Create an instance within a project.


Delete an instance from a project.


Gets information about an instance.


Gets the access control policy for an instance resource.


Lists information about instances in a project.


Partially updates an instance within a project.


Sets the access control policy on an instance resource.


Returns permissions that the caller has on the specified instance resource.


Updates an instance within a project.