BigtableSessionSharedThreadPools (Cloud Bigtable HBase Client for Java 0.9.3-SNAPSHOT API)

Class BigtableSessionSharedThreadPools

  • java.lang.Object

  • public class BigtableSessionSharedThreadPools
    extends Object
    This class contains executors and other thread pool related resources that can be reused across a few BigtableSessions. All executors are automatically expand if there is higher use.
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        public static final String BATCH_POOL_THREAD_NAME
        Constant BATCH_POOL_THREAD_NAME="bigtable-batch-pool"
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        public static final String RETRY_THREADPOOL_NAME
        Constant RETRY_THREADPOOL_NAME="bigtable-rpc-retry"
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        Constant Field Values

        public static final String GRPC_EVENTLOOP_GROUP_NAME
        Constant GRPC_EVENTLOOP_GROUP_NAME="bigtable-grpc-elg"
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        public static final int RETRY_THREAD_COUNT
        Number of threads to use to initiate retry calls
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      • batchThreadPool

        protected ExecutorService batchThreadPool
        This is used to do pre and post RPC work, and not the i/o itself.
      • elg

        protected elg
        This is needed by nio. We create daemon threads rather than default threads so that if a user shuts down a JVM, the bigtable connection doesn't block the shutdown. By default, the ELG is not a daemon thread pool.
      • retryExecutor

        protected ScheduledExecutorService retryExecutor
        Used for a few cases that benefit from retries, such as puts, gets and scans.
    • Constructor Detail

      • BigtableSessionSharedThreadPools

        protected BigtableSessionSharedThreadPools()

        Constructor for BigtableSessionSharedThreadPools.

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