Setting Up Your Development Environment

To develop and deploy Go apps on App Engine, you need to download and install Cloud SDK, Go, and the gcloud component.

Installing Go and Cloud SDK

  1. Download, install, and then initialize Cloud SDK:

    Download and Install Cloud SDK

    Cloud SDK includes the gcloud command-line tool that provides the interface for Google Cloud and is used to perform common platform tasks to manage your development workflow and your Google Cloud resources.

  2. Download and install Go 1.12+ if you haven't already done so.

    Download and Install Go 1.12+

    The Go runtime in the App Engine standard environment uses the latest release of Go 1.12+. To avoid errors, ensure you have the same version installed on your machine. For more information about the Go runtime, see the Go Runtime Environment documentation.

  3. Install the gcloud App Engine Go component:

    gcloud components install app-engine-go

Installing optional tools