Deploying to App Engine

This page shows you how to deploy your guestbook using the command.

This page is part of a multi-page tutorial. To start from the beginning and see instructions for setting up, go to Creating a Guestbook.

Deploying your application

To deploy:

  1. In the directory appengine-guestbook-go, invoke the following command: -A [PROJECT_ID] -V v1 update ./

    Replace YOUR_PROJECT_ID with your project ID from the Cloud Platform Console.

  2. Check for compilation errors, and fix as necessary, then rerun

  3. After successful compilation, your app deploys. You may need to wait a few minutes before the app begins to serve traffic.

Verifying index generation

If you have specified the custom index in index.yaml, after your application is deployed, the Cloud Datastore Indexes are automatically generated. This operation may take some time, and any visitors to your site will receive a DatastoreNeedIndexException until the indexes are built. You can monitor the progress of the operation by visiting the Indexes page in the Cloud Platform Console.

Go to the Indexes page

Viewing your deployed application

In your browser, visit this URL:


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