Google Cloud Platform

Uploading Your Application

To upload your application:

  1. Sign in to App Engine using your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you can create a Google account with an email address and password.
  2. If you haven't already done so, create a project for your App Engine app as follows:
    1. Visit the Google Cloud Platform Console and click Create Project.
    2. Supply the desired project name in the New Project form. It doesn't have to match your app name, but using the same name as your app might make administration easier.
    3. Accept the generated project ID or supply your own ID. This project ID is used as the App Engine application ID. Note that this ID can only be used once: if you subsequently delete your project, you won't be able to re-use the ID in a new project.
    4. Note: You can specify that your new application should reside in the European Union, rather than the United States. Hosting applications in the European Union is especially useful if your application's users are closer to Europe than to the United States. There is less network latency and the End User Content will be stored at rest in the European Union. You must specify this location when you register the application; you cannot change it later. Click Show Advanced Options in the Create Project section to select a location option, either United States or European Union.

  3. Note the application ID (project ID) you created above.
  4. Upload your finished application to Google App Engine by invoking the following command. This opens a browser window for you to sign in using your Google account. You'll be providing the project ID as the argument for -A. -A <YOUR_PROJECT_ID_> update guestbook/
  5. The Datastore Indexes may take some time to generate before your application is available. You will receive a NeedIndexError when accessing your app if the indexes are still in the process of being generated. This is a transient error for the example, so try a little later if at first you receive this exception.
  6. Your app is now deployed and ready for users!


You have completed this tutorial.

The full URL for your application is Optionally, you can instead purchase and use a top-level domain name for your app, or use one that you have already registered. For more information on the subjects covered here, see the rest of the App Engine documentation.