Google Cloud Platform

Uploading Your Application

You create and manage App Engine applications using the Google Cloud Platform Console. Once you have created a new project and registered a project ID for it (which also serves as the application ID for your application), you upload your application using goapp deploy.

Note: Application IDs must begin with a letter. Once you register an application ID, you can delete it, but you can't re-register that same application ID after it has been deleted. You can skip these next steps if you don't want to register an ID at this time.

Registering the Application

You create and manage App Engine applications from the Cloud Platform Console at this URL:

Sign in to App Engine using your Google account. If you do not have a Google account, you can create a Google account with an email address and password.

Note: You may have already created a project using the Google Cloud Platform Console. If this is the case, you do not have to create a new application. Your project has a title and an ID. In the instructions that follow, the project title and ID can be used wherever an application title and ID are mentioned. They are the same thing.

To create a new application, click the "Create a Project" button. Follow the instructions to register a project ID, a name unique to this application.

If you elect to use the free domain name, the full URL for the application will be You may also purchase a top-level domain name for your app, or use one that you have already registered.

Note: You can specify that your new application should reside in the European Union, rather than the United States. Hosting applications in the European Union is especially useful if your application's users are closer to Europe than to the United States. There is less network latency and the End User Content will be stored at rest in the European Union. You must specify this location when you register the application; you cannot change it later. Click Show Advanced Options in the Create Project section to select a location option, either United States or European Union.

Uploading the Application

Then, upload your finished application to Google App Engine with the following command, providing the project ID used during registration in the -application option:

goapp deploy -application <YOUR_PROJECT_ID> myapp/

If you see compilation errors, fix the source and rerun goapp deploy; it won't launch (or update) your app until compilation is successful.

Checking Your Application State

After your application is uploaded, its Datastore Indexes will be automatically generated. This operation may take some time, and any visitors to your site will receive a DatastoreNeedIndexException until the indexes have been built. You can monitor the progress of the operation by visiting the Cloud Platform Console, selecting your application, and then selecting the Storage, Cloud Datastore, Indexes link.

Accessing Your Application

You can now see your application running on App Engine. If you set up a free domain name, the URL for your website begins with your application ID:


You have completed this tutorial. For more information on the subjects covered here, see the rest of the App Engine documentation.