Google Cloud Platform

The Development Environment

You develop and upload Go applications for Google App Engine using the App Engine Go software development kit (SDK).

The Go SDK includes a web server application that simulates the App Engine environment, including a local version of the datastore, Google Accounts, and the ability to fetch URLs and send email directly from your computer using the App Engine APIs. The Go SDK uses slightly modified versions of the development tools from the Python SDK, and will run on any Intel-based Mac OS X, Linux or Windows computer with Python 2.7.

If necessary, download and install Python 2.7 for your platform from the Python web site. Most Mac OS X users already have Python 2.7 installed. If you have issues with the Python tools, please ensure you have Python 2.7 installed.

Download and install the App Engine SDK for Go for your operating system.

For this tutorial, you will use two commands from the goapp tool in the SDK:

You can find these commands in the go_appengine directory of the zip archive.

To simplify development and deployment, consider adding this directory to your PATH environment variable. This can be done by adding the following line to your $HOME/.profile, $HOME/.bashrc, or equivalent:

export PATH=/path/to/go_appengine:$PATH


The local development environment lets you develop and test complete App Engine applications before showing them to the world. Let's write some code.

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