Creating and applying DNS profiles

Your private cloud's DNS profile determines how Google Cloud VMware Engine forwards DNS requests from management appliances to the DNS servers of your on-premises services. You define DNS profiles in VMware Engine for your on-premises domain and DNS server.

A DNS profile can contain multiple domains and DNS servers associated with the domains. Each private cloud can only have one applied DNS profile, but you can apply the same DNS profile to multiple private clouds.

Here are some example processes that require DNS profiles:

Before you begin

The steps in this document assume that you have done the following:

Create a DNS profile

To create a new DNS profile in your project, do the following:

  1. Access the VMware Engine portal.
  2. Go to Network > DNS configuration.
  3. Click New DNS profile.
  4. Enter a display name for your DNS profile.
  5. Enter a domain name and at least two corresponding DNS server IP addresses.
  6. Click Add Domain to add the domain to the profile.
  7. Repeat the previous steps for each domain you want to add to the profile.
  8. Click Submit to save the DNS profile.

Apply a DNS profile to your private cloud

In your private cloud, select the profile you want to apply:

  1. Access the VMware Engine portal.
  2. Go to Resources and select the private cloud for which you want to set the DNS profile.
  3. Select the DNS configuration tab.
  4. Select the DNS profile you want to apply to the private cloud, and verify the domains and DNS server IP addresses.
  5. Click Submit to apply the DNS profile to the private cloud.