Requesting API access and quota

Before you can create private clouds or access Google Cloud VMware Engine, you must enable the corresponding VMware Engine API and have node quota available.

Enable the VMware Engine API

  1. In the Google Cloud console, select or create a Google Cloud project.
  2. Confirm that billing is enabled for your Google Cloud project
  3. Go to the VMware Engine API page.

    Go to VMware Engine API

  4. Click Enable.

Request VMware Engine node quota

Your node quotas describe the maximum number of nodes you can assign in a region and across all regions in total, assuming nodes are available. You must have available quota in your Google Cloud project to create a private cloud in that Google Cloud project.

You assign VMware Engine node quota per Google Cloud project, per region. Additionally, your Google Cloud project has a global node quota that represents the total quota across all regions. To increase your quota and assign more nodes, you must submit a quota increase request and receive approval.

Each private cloud must contain a minimum of three nodes. To view your Google Cloud project's available quota or request a quota increase, see Quotas and limits.

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