Language support

Media Translation supports streaming translation of speech in one language (the source language) to text in another language (the target language). It is optimized to recognize and translate from US English as the source language with another target language, but several other languages are supported as the source language.

The table below identifies the supported source languages. For any source language other than English, the only supported target language is English. For English source, any of the other languages is a supported target.

For certain source languages, Media Translation offers enhanced models that more accurately recognize speech from phone calls and video. The table indicates the source languages for which an enhanced phone or video model is available.

Use the BCP-47 code to set the source and target languages in the TranslateSpeechConfig for your request; see Translating streaming audio into text.

Language BCP-47 code (Enhanced) phone-call model Video model
English (US) en-US
French fr-FR
German de-DE
Hindi hi-IN
Italian it-IT
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Russian ru-RU
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX
Spanish (Spain) es-ES
Thai th-TH

Media Translation supports these additional languages as target languages (when the source language is English). These languages are not available as source languages.

Language BCP-47 code
Turkish tr-TR
Chinese zh-CN
Japanese ja-JP

Request additional language pairs

If you want to use additional language pairs, complete this form. A member of the Google Cloud team will review your use case and respond to your request.