Jobs nach benutzerdefinierten Attributen mit langem Wert suchen (v3)

Nach Jobs mit benutzerdefinierten Attributfiltern für lange Werte suchen.



# project_id       = "Id of the project"

require "google/apis/jobs_v3"

jobs = Google::Apis::JobsV3
talent_solution_client =
# @see
talent_solution_client.authorization = Google::Auth.get_application_default(
# Make sure to set the request_metadata the same as the associated search request
request_metadata = user_id:    "HashedUserId",
                                             session_id: "HashedSessionId",
                                             domain:     ""
# Perform a search for analyst  related jobs
custom_attribute_filter = "(255 <= someFieldName2) AND (someFieldName2 <= 257)"
job_query = custom_attribute_filter: custom_attribute_filter
search_jobs_request = request_metadata: request_metadata,
                                                  job_query:        job_query,
                                                  job_view:         "JOB_VIEW_FULL"
search_jobs_response = talent_solution_client.search_jobs project_id, search_jobs_request

puts search_jobs_response.to_json

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