Keyword and location search (v3)

Search jobs by keyword and location attributes.

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# project_id      = "Id of the project."
# company_name    = "The resource name of the company listing the job. The format is "projects/{project_id}/companies/{company_id}""
# location        = "Location of the center where the search is based on."
# distance        = "The distance from the provided location in miles in which to search."
# keyword         = "Keyword of the search."
require "google/apis/jobs_v3"
# Instantiate the client
jobs = Google::Apis::JobsV3
talent_solution_client =
# @see
talent_solution_client.authorization = Google::Auth.get_application_default(
# Make sure to set the requestMetadata the same as the associated search request
request_metadata = user_id:    "HashedUserId",
                                             session_id: "HashedSessionId",
                                             domain:     ""
# Set location filter
location_filter = address:           location,
                                           distance_in_miles: distance
# Perform a search for analyst  related jobs
job_query = location_filters: [location_filter],
                               query:            keyword,
                               company_names:    [company_name]

search_jobs_request = request_metadata: request_metadata,
                                                  job_query:        job_query,
                                                  search_mode:      "JOB_SEARCH"

search_jobs_response = talent_solution_client.search_jobs project_id, search_jobs_request

puts search_jobs_response.to_json