Automatically complete job title (v3)

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Automatically complete the job title given a job title prefix.

Code sample


# project_id     = "Project id required"
# company_name   = "The resource name of the company listing the job. The format is "projects/{project_id}/companies/{company_id}""
# query          = "Job title prefix as auto complete query"

require "google/apis/jobs_v3"

jobs = Google::Apis::JobsV3
talent_solution_client =
talent_solution_client.authorization = Google::Auth.get_application_default(

page_size = 10
type = "JOB_TITLE"
language_code = "en-US"
  project_id, company_name: company_name, page_size: page_size, query: query,
    language_code: language_code, type: type
) do |result, err|
  if err.nil?
    puts "Job title auto complete result: #{result.to_json}"
    puts "Error when auto completing job title. Error message: #{err.to_json}"

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