Role-Based Support migration FAQs

This page answers your frequently asked questions about migrating to Role-Based Support for Google Cloud.


Silver and Gold Support will no longer be available. Therefore, all Google Cloud Support customers with these entitlements need to migrate to Role-Based or Premium Support to continue to retain technical support and file cases.


Q: What is Role-Based Support?

Role-Based Support allows you to configure access to Google Cloud Support for organizations. When you use Role-Based Support, you get more predictable rates and flexible configuration.

Support case management is integrated with the Google Cloud Console, with user management built on Identity and Access Management for enterprise-grade access control. Learn more about Role-Based Support in this video.

Q: What are the benefits of moving to Role-Based Support?

Role-Based Support offers you the ability to customize your Support plan, have predictable pricing, and it gives you flexibility to support your current and future business needs. This is because Role-Based Support is a pay-per-user model, where you can select to use a combination of Basic, Development, or Production Support roles, with a minimum 30-day commitment.

Also, Role-Based Support is run through Cloud Console, the same place you manage your products. This simplifies the ability to file cases and also have IAM Enterprise grade settings. Because Role-Based Support is anchored on an organization, this ensures that projects follow the organization's life cycle on Google Cloud and are not deleted when an employee leaves the company.

Q: How much does Role-Based Support cost?

Pricing for Role-Based Support varies depending on the combination of user roles that you set up. You can combine as many roles from development and from production that your organization needs, and expect a predictable pricing at the end of the month. The commitment is only one month so you have more flexibility to combine roles as your business needs evolve.

For example, we can calculate how much it would cost per month for a customer that needs 5 Developers roles ($100/user) and 4 Production roles ($250/user). In this scenario, the total would be $1,500/month; that is:
(5 x $100)+(4 x $250) = $1,500.

To figure out how much the best role combination would cost for your organization, see the Role-Based Support calculator.

Q: What are the differences between Silver/Gold Support and Role-Based Support?

There are a few differences between the two support plans:

  • Silver and Gold Support is a billing-centric model and Role-Based Support is an organization-centric model.
  • Silver and Gold Support are support plans that come with a certain amount of users per plan, while Role-Based Support is a pay-per-user model.
  • Silver and Gold Support are operated through Google Cloud Support Center while Role-Based Support is operated through Cloud Console.
  • Silver and Gold Support have the same SLAs as Role-Based Support. However, Development does not have access to P1 cases. By filing P2 cases, Development customers will still have a 4 hours SLA, as you can see in the table below. In Role-Based Support:

    • A Production role has a 1 hour SLA for P1 issues and is available 24x7. The users in this role can file P1-P4 cases and the cost is $250/user/month.
    • A Development role has a 4 business hour SLA for P2 issues, and is available 8x5. The users in this role can file P2-P4 cases and the cost is $100/user/month.
Metallic Support Role-Based Support
Gold Silver Production Development
P1 Critical Impact Service down or unusable
- Service is unavailable
- Service is unusable across end user base
1 hour (24x7) 4 hours 1 hour (24x7) n/a
P2 High Impact Service severely impaired
- Service performance is degraded
- Service available, but producing significant error messages
4 hours 8 hours 4 hours 4 hours
P3 Medium Impact Service partially impaired
- Error messages generated, no noticeable end user impact
- Questions about features used in customer launch
8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours
P4 Low Impact Service usable
- Questions or requests about features or development
- Corrections needed on documentation or error messages
8 hours 8 hours 8 hours 8 hours

Q: What steps are necessary to migrate?

To migrate to Role-Based Support, your Organization Administrator should navigate to Cloud Console and select the organization resource that you want to enable Role-Based Support for.

To enable Role-Based Support:

  1. Log into the Cloud Console as an Organization Administrator.
  2. Select the organization for which you want to enable Role-Based Support.
  3. Go to the Support page and open Cases.
  4. Click Enable, and then follow the on-screen prompts to complete the required steps.
  5. Submit your request.

For more information, you can watch the quick migration training video.

Q: What steps do I need to take if my company does not have a Google Cloud organization?

For information about setting up an organization, see Creating and Managing Organizations.

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