Google Cloud Status Dashboard FAQ

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions about the Google Cloud Status Dashboard.

What type of status information can I find on the dashboard home page?

The Google Cloud Status Dashboard provides status information on services that are part of Google Cloud Platform. Status can include service disruptions, outages, or informational messages about a temporary issue.

What information can I find on the View Summary and History section?

The Summary and History page is a repository of disruptions and outages from the past 365 days. Click an incident number to review the posts about the incident while it was ongoing, as well as any incident summary reports written by the Support team.

What if I’m experiencing an issue, but I don’t see it reflected on the dashboard?

The issue may be isolated to your projects or instances, or it may be impacting a limited number of customers. You can contact Support about any issues you’re experiencing that aren’t listed on the dashboard.

Who updates the dashboard?

The global Google Cloud Platform Support team monitors the status of services using many different types of signals and updates the dashboard in the event of a widespread issue. If needed, they’ll post a detailed incident analysis report after an incident has been resolved.

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