Cloud SQL logging

This page describes how to find and use Cloud Logging to view and query logs for your Cloud SQL instance.

Cloud SQL uses Cloud Logging. See the cloud logging documentation for complete information and review the Cloud SQL sample queries.

Viewing logs

To view logs for your Cloud SQL instance log entries:


  1. Go to the Logs Viewer
  2. Select an existing Cloud SQL project at the top of the page.
  3. In the Query builder, add the following:
    • Resource: select Cloud SQL Database. In the dialog, select a Cloud SQL instance.
    • Log names: scroll to the Cloud SQL section and select appropriate log files for your instance. For example:
    • Severity: select a log level.
    • Time range: select a preset or create a custom range.


Use the gcloud logging command to view log entries. In the example below, replace PROJECT_ID. The limit flag is an optional parameter that indicates the maximum number of entries to return.

gcloud logging read "projects/[PROJECT_ID]/logs/" --limit=10