Version 1.11

Download the required kpt version

The kpt 1.x version no longer has the cfg command group that is in kpt 0.39.x. The Anthos Service Mesh installation tools, asmcli and install_asm require the pre -1.x version of kpt. asmcli and newer version of install_asm automatically download the required version. If you are using the Anthos Service Mesh 1.7 version of install_asm, or if you are using documentation that has kpt setter steps that start with kpt cfg, you need to make sure you have a pre-1.x version of kpt.

Verify kpt version.

 kpt version

The output should be similar to the following:


If you have kpt version 1.x or later, download the required Linux version:

curl -L > kpt_0_39_2
chmod +x kpt_0_39_2
alias kpt="$(readlink -f kpt_0_39_2)"