Anthos Service Mesh 1.6

Deploying the Online Boutique sample application on Anthos Service Mesh

This guide explains how to install the Online Boutique sample application to demonstrate Anthos Service Mesh.


This guide assumes that you have:

Installing a sample using kpt

Optionally, you can use kpt to install the Hipster Shop sample into the cluster.

  1. Download the sample:

    kpt pkg get \ \
  2. Create a namespace for the application:

    kubectl create namespace demo
  3. Enable automatic sidecar injection:

    kubectl label namespace demo istio-injection=enabled
  4. Deploy the sample to the cluster:

    kubectl apply -n demo -f hipster-demo
  5. Find the external IP address of your application:

    kubectl get service frontend-external -n demo
  6. Visit the application on your browser to confirm installation:


    Now that you have a sample running, you can explore the Anthos Service Mesh observability features in the Cloud Console. Note that it can take up to 10 minutes for the topology graph to display the services in your mesh.

When you're finished exploring, remove the Hipster sample:

kubectl delete namespaces demo