Version 1.7

Permissions required to install Anthos Service Mesh

The following table describes the roles that are required to install Anthos Service Mesh.

Role name Role ID Description
Project Editor roles/editor Permissions for actions that modify state, such as changing existing resources.
Compute Admin roles/compute.admin Full control of all Compute Engine resources.
Kubernetes Engine Admin roles/container.admin Provides access to full management of Container Clusters and their Kubernetes API objects.
Project IAM Admin roles/resourcemanager.projectIamAdmin Provides permissions to administer IAM policies on projects.
Service Account Admin roles/iam.serviceAccountAdmin Create and manage service accounts.
Service Account Key Admin roles/iam.serviceAccountKeyAdmin Create and manage (and rotate) service account keys.
GKE Hub Admin (Beta) roles/gkehub.admin Full access to GKE Hubs and related resources.

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