Restricting resource usage unsupported services

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This page provides a list of the Google Cloud resource services that don't support Resource Usage Restriction (RUR).

Resource usage restriction is implemented as the Organization Policy constraint Restrict Resource Service Usage. Before adding this constraint to your organization policy, review the list of excluded services below.

For more information about Resource Usage Restriction, see Restricting resource usage.

Excluded services

Some services are essential dependencies for all Google Cloud products. These services do not support Resource Usage Restriction.

Title Service name
Access Context Manager API
Advisory Notifications API
Cloud Asset API
Cloud Billing API
Cloud Billing Budget API
Google Cloud's operations suite API
Cloud Endpoints API
Cloud Logging API
Cloud Monitoring API
Cloud Shell API
Cloud Support API
Looker Studio API
Identity and Access Management Service Account Credentials API
Identity and Access Management API
Identity Toolkit API
Media Translation API
Network Telemetry API
Organization Policy Service API
Policy Troubleshooter API
Private Catalog API
Private Catalog Producer API
Recommendations AI API
Resource Manager API
Security Token Service API
Service Consumer Management API
Service Control API
Service Management API
Service Metadata API
Service Networking API
Service Provisioning API
Service Usage API
Unified Autoscaling API