Proactive, easily actionable recommendations to keep your cloud optimized.

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Proactively discover and remediate potential issues

Each Recommender helps admins optimize Google Cloud resources by making proactive, actionable recommendations with a data-driven machine learning approach. This empowers teams to automatically detect issues like overly permissive access or wrongly sized VM instances or idle resources.

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Understand exactly where and how to optimize

Optimizing your cloud for price, performance, and security is key to maximizing the ROI you get from your cloud. And yet, this can feel increasingly challenging as your cloud grows. That’s why getting easy-to-understand, actionable recommendations delivered to you is key to keeping your cloud optimized.

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Eliminate manual toil from administration

Identifying ways to keep your cloud optimized is just half of the equation. The other half is making it easy without squandering your staff’s time and energy. With these intelligent recommendations, you’re able to make important changes with just a few clicks, ensuring that your team can keep your cloud optimized while maintaining their focus on other goals, like innovation.

IAM Roles

Remove unwanted access to Google Cloud resources with smart access control recommendations. With Recommender, security teams can automatically detect overly permissive access and rightsize them based on similar users in the organization and their access patterns. Check out this video to learn more.

Compute Engine resource rightsizing

Resize your virtual machine (VM) instances to optimize for cost and performance based on usage. Identify and delete or back up your idle VMs and persistent disks (PDs) to optimize your infrastructure cost.

Committed-use discount (CUD)

Take the guesswork out of optimizing your commitment purchases with CUD Recommender. We’ll do all of the heavy lifting for you by analyzing your historical usage, finding the optimal commitment quantity for your workloads, and providing easy-to-understand, actionable recommendations for cost savings. 

BigQuery slot optimization

Coming soon: Optimize your BigQuery data warehouse’s cost and performance by provisioning the right number of computational capacity slots with recommendations based on your workload and usage patterns.

Firewall insights

Understand your firewall rule usage and optimization opportunities with insights that help you keep your deployment safe and easier to manage.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) utilization

Coming soon: Prevent packet loss and increase resiliency of your system by proactively adding tunnels before an over-utilized VPN becomes a bottleneck.

Account Security

Automatically prompts your end users to enable phishing-resistant two step verification (2SV) using your phone’s built-in security key, helping add an extra layer of security to your user accounts and cloud deployment without the need for physical security keys.

We were in the midst of a hackathon recently, and we decided to test out Google Cloud’s Idle VM Recommender. We quickly learned that we had over 200 VMs that were sitting idle, but ultimately costing us money, that we wouldn’t have otherwise known about. The real bonus was that it only took a matter of seconds for Google Cloud to shine light on these idle VMs, making this an invaluable capability going forward.

Hrushikesh Kulkarni, Associate Director of Technology, VuClip

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Proactive, easily actionable recommendations to keep your cloud optimized.

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