Graph interface overview

Network Topology visualizes your Google Cloud network as a graph. You can use the graph to explore your existing configurations and quickly troubleshoot networking issues. To view a Network Topology graph, see Using Network Topology.

Interface elements

The following figure shows an example topology and includes callouts to certain components of the Network Topology interface. Each callout maps to a description that summarizes that component.

  1. Entities selection pane: a pane where you can select or clear entities that Network Topology displays or hides in the graph

  2. Edge metric drop-down: a drop-down menu that you can use to select which metric Network Topology overlays on traffic paths

  3. Filter: key-value pairs that specify the entities that you want to view

    Filters can help you quickly highlight and focus on specific resources, especially when you need to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot issues. For example, you can specify a region filter that shows the us-east4 region and the entities that are connected to it.

  4. Entity details pane: shows detailed information about an entity that you've selected

    Network Topology shows the name of the resource and its hierarchy. If metrics are available for the entity, Network Topology shows time-series charts for those metrics.

  5. Traffic paths: lines that show the communication paths between entities

    If you hold the pointer over or click an entity, metric values are overlaid on the relevant traffic paths.

  6. Expand or collapse: lets you expand or collapse an entity

    When you hold the pointer over an entity, you can click the expand or collapse icon to move between different entity hierarchies.

  7. Timeline: shows the full range of data that Network Topology has collected

    The timeline is broken into hourly segments that you can select by using the slider. When you select a different time segment, the graph reloads.

  8. Date picker: use to select more distant dates for the timeline from a calendar

  9. Time slider: indicates which hourly segment Network Topology is showing; you can drag it to select another segment

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