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Migrate IBM WAS traditional applications

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) traditional is a software framework that hosts Java-based workloads. Migrate to Containers lets you modernize app workloads running in WAS traditional by converting them to application containers. You can then deploy the app containers to:

  • GKE or Anthos cluster on Google Cloud
  • Anthos clusters on VMware
  • Anthos clusters on AWS

About migrating WebSphere Application Server traditional apps

A WAS traditional VM can contain multiple apps. Migrate to Containers helps you automate the modernization of WAS apps to containers by discovering deployed apps in the source VM and automatically suggesting the configuration for the modernization.

Google requires that you migrate each app to its own container image (ibmcom/websphere-traditional or openliberty/open-liberty). You can then test and deploy the migrated apps individually, rather than having to test and deploy multiple apps together.

Migrate WAS apps to individual app containers.

The migration source can be WAS ND or WAS base. The target will be a Liberty or traditional WAS base container, and the respective ND clustering features will be delegated to Kubernetes.

About Migrate to Containers

Use Migrate to Containers to convert WAS traditional VM-based apps into containers in Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) or Anthos.

To get started, please review the Migrate to Containers concepts and architecture documentation:

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