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Build an Apache container image

When you generate artifacts for Apache 2 workloads, Migrate to Containers creates a skaffold.yaml script. You then use this script to build the deployment container image.

Before you begin

This topic assumes that you've already:

Review the artifacts

Review the artifacts before building the deployable container image. Run the following command:

migctl migration get-artifacts my-migration

Migrate to Containers makes a corresponding nested directory according to your migration plan for each of the server images. These nested directories include image artifacts for building and deploying an image. The previous command lets you download the generated container artifacts in the nested directory.

In each directory you can find the following artifacts:

  • the deployment_spec.yaml file that you use to deploy the container image.
  • the skaffold.yaml file that you use to build and deploy the container.

Build the container image

You can build the container image using Skaffold. Skaffold lets you build and deploy in the same command, and is typically easier to use.

To build using Skaffold, see Build and deploy multiple images using Skaffold.

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