Offering software on Google Cloud Marketplace

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The following is a high-level overview of the process of selling your software on Cloud Marketplace:

  1. Choose what you want to offer.

  2. Verify that you meet the requirements to list your product on Cloud Marketplace.

  3. Sign up to become a Cloud Marketplace vendor.

  4. Select your pricing model.

  5. Prepare to list your product.

  6. Integrate your software with Cloud Marketplace.

  7. Prepare your go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

Choose what you want to offer

You can sell one or more of the following product types on Cloud Marketplace:

Verify that you can meet the listing requirements

If you want to offer products on Google Cloud Marketplace, you must meet the following listing requirements:

  • Requirements for your organization

    • Your organization must be enrolled in the Partner Advantage portal.

      To publish products on Cloud Marketplace, your organization must be approved as a Google Cloud Build partner. After your organization enrolls in Partner Advantage portal, you can start integrating your products with Cloud Marketplace and preparing to publish them at the same time that your organization completes the process of becoming an approved Google Cloud Build partner.

    • Your organization must be incorporated in one of the supported regions.

    • Your organization must have at least $1M in annual revenue.

    • For some listing types, there might be additional requirements for your organization. For more information, contact your Google Cloud sales representative.

    • Your organization must have a Cloud Marketplace vendor account and payment profile in good standing.

  • Requirements for your product

    • Your product must be production-ready (not alpha or beta) to be publicly listed and sold through Cloud Marketplace.
    • Your product must not include professional services sold through Cloud Marketplace.
  • Operational requirements

    • Your organization must be willing to commit resources to create and maintain the products that you list in Cloud Marketplace, and provide timely support to your customers.

Some product types have additional requirements:

  • Requirements for Kubernetes apps and VM products

    • Your product must not have a dependency on Terraform.
    • Your product must not include the Server Side Public License (SSPL).
  • Requirements for managed services (Integrated SaaS)

    • You must host your product primarily on Google Cloud. The following patterns are common approved use cases:
      • Pattern 1: Your entire product, and all of its supporting components, run entirely on Google Cloud.
      • Pattern 2: Your product's compute and/or data plane runs on Google Cloud, but smaller control planes or support infrastructure, such as logging, run on-premises or on another cloud. In this case, your Google Cloud-hosted compute and/or data plane must be the resource whose consumption increases the fastest when your users increase their consumption.
      • Pattern 3: Your backup, replication or data recovery (DR) product replicates data to Google Cloud by default, while the product's control plane can run on-premises or on other clouds.
      • Pattern 4: Your product's migration tooling has Google Cloud as its only destination for migration, but can run on-premises or on another cloud as a migration source.
      • Pattern 5: Your product's compute and/or data plane runs on Google Cloud. Your product's monitoring or security agents can run on-premises or on another cloud, but they must send data to a Google Cloud-hosted environment for storage and analysis.

Sign up to become a Cloud Marketplace vendor

If you meet the preceding requirements, sign up as a Cloud Marketplace vendor on the Cloud Marketplace page in Partner Advantage. You must verify that your product meets the listing requirements, and submit supporting documentation, such as architecture diagrams or business inputs. After you provide the required information, a Business Development representative works with you to finalize the agreement.

After you sign up, it typically takes 1-2 weeks to finalize the vendor agreement.

Select a pricing model

If you're selling commercial software, you must choose a pricing model. Review the pricing options for different types of software:

Prepare to list your product

After your vendor agreement is finalized, you receive instructions to complete the following steps:

  1. Sign up to receive payments from Cloud Marketplace.

  2. Create a Google Cloud project, which you use to host all the components of your products. Depending on what you're offering, follow the guidelines in these sections:

  3. Complete a Project Info form, provided by the Cloud Marketplace team. This enables access to Producer Portal, where you create and manage your product listing.

  4. Add your pricing model in Producer Portal. The pricing model takes up to two weeks to approve, so we recommend starting the process as early as possible.

Integrate your software with Cloud Marketplace

To offer your product on Cloud Marketplace, your development team must integrate it with Google Cloud's infrastructure and billing systems, so that users can deploy your product with minimal effort.

To start integrating your software with Cloud Marketplace, read the following sections for an overview and checklist of tasks:

Prepare your go-to-market (GTM) strategy

If you're considering offering products on Google Cloud Marketplace, learn about how we help you to market them in the Cloud Marketplace GTM guide.

If you're already a Google Cloud partner, visit the Cloud Marketplace page in the Partner Advantage portal for details of our offered GTM benefits.