Google Cloud IoT Core has been retired.

Connected device solutions

Solutions to easily and securely connect, manage, and ingest data from globally dispersed devices.

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Google Cloud offers a host of partner-led solutions, built on Google Cloud, that meet the needs of IoT customers.

Using Google Cloud technologies, combined with partners, our customers can customize specific IoT solutions to meet their unique needs. Our partners offer solutions that can support edge messaging services, device management, analytics, and the ability to derive insights using Google Cloud’s industry leading AI/ML intelligence. 


Sampling of implementation and technology partners who can help:

clearobject logo

ClearObject (Implementation partner)

ClearObject is a digital transformation company specialized in IoT, data analytics, AI/ML, and connected product development. As a certified Google Cloud Premier Partner and managed services provider (MSP), ClearObject can build and run intelligent, connected solutions on the Google Cloud.”

quantiphi logo

Quantiphi (Implementation partner)

Quantiphi is an award-winning AI-first digital engineering company helping organizations reimagine and realize transformational opportunities for businesses. Quantiphi is committed to providing cutting edge IOT solutions which integrate seamlessly with Google Cloud.”

softserve logo

SoftServe (Technology and implementation partner)

SoftServe is a trusted global Google Cloud Premier Partner providing migration, integration, customization, and 24/7 support services at an enterprise scale. In addition to assisting customers with the analysis of SaaS platform migration, SoftServe and Google Cloud has also jointly developed an IoT Core API-compatible solution accelerator leveraging Google Cloud-native components hosted in customers’ own Google Cloud environments with minimal migration friction and similar scalability capabilities.”

sotec logo

SOTEC (Technology and implementation partner)

SOTEC is a leading expert in advanced cloud technology and a long-standing (since 2009) Google Cloud IoT and ML implementation partner covering EMEA and NA. Our decades of hands-on experience in IoT enable us to provide our clients with end-to-end solution implementations.”

aeris logo

Aeris (Technology partner)

Aeris is a software company with a global IoT platform that powers several million objects at extreme performance levels. The Aeris IoT platform leads the market with global scale capability, an industry leading security architecture for proactive prevention, detection and remediation of security threats, and a full automation suite.”

clearblade logo

ClearBlade (Technology partner)

ClearBlade is a software company driving digital transformation through its IoT Core, IoT Enterprise, IoT Edge, and Intelligent Assets products. ClearBlade’s scalable, secure, and flexible products run on Google Cloud, supporting enterprise customers for over 10+ years. Migration is easy with a 1-click process that includes the same features and pricing. Migrations are in progress today with a free sandbox for testing.”


Dianomic (Technology partner)

Dianomic’s FogLAMP is an open platform for industrial edge computing and is an ideal edge solution for securely integrating BigQuery, Looker, Vertex, or MDE with data from any sensor, machine, DCS, SCADA or other industrial system. FogLAMP’s intelligent data pipelines collect, process and integrate data from machines to operational systems and the cloud securely, at scale and without vendor lock-in.”

EMQ logo

EMQ (Technology partner)

"EMQ is the world's leading software provider of open source IoT data infrastructure. The core product, EMQX, is the world's most scalable and reliable open source MQTT messaging platform. It can support 100M concurrent IoT device connections per cluster while maintaining 1M messages per second throughput with sub-millisecond latency. EMQ boasts more than 20K+ enterprise users, connecting 100M+ IoT devices, offering digital, real-time, and intelligent transformation of IoT enterprises."

kore logo

KORE (Technology partner)

"KORE is a global solution provider who specializes in IoT, and with over two decades of history and experience, we have tailor-made solutions specifically to meet the needs of the IoT market with global distribution and support. The KORE OmniCore platform has all the familiar capabilities of IoT Core, plus zero-touch device provisioning, additional device protocols (MQTT v5.0 and MQTT over WSS), in-console device testing, and over-the-air device update capability."


Leverege (Technology partner)

Leverege Connect is a replacement for Google IoT Core with the same pricing, performance, and features plus free, white-glove migration support. Leverege Connect can be deployed as a standalone product and seamlessly integrates with the Leverege IoT Stack, which takes the complexity out of building, deploying, and managing enterprise IoT applications. The Leverege IoT Stack runs exclusively on Google Cloud and takes full advantage of Google’s leading AI, ML, and analytics products to enable enterprise AI.”

Litmus logo

Litmus (Technology partner)

Litmus is one of the industry’s only Industrial Edge Data Platform that unifies device connectivity, data intelligence and data integration in a complete Industry 4.0 solution. Rapid-to-deploy, easy-to-use and built-to-scale, Litmus is the fastest way to connect to all OT assets and put data to work at the edge and across the enterprise. Litmus technology is trusted by Google Cloud, Dell Technologies, HPE, Hitachi, Mitsubishi and other global Fortune 500 companies.”

thingsboard logo

ThingsBoard (Technology partner)

ThingsBoard IoT platform enables device management, data collection, processing, and visualization for your IoT solution. Founded in 2016, ThingsBoard is trusted by 1000+ companies worldwide. The platform integrates well with other Google services via Pub/Sub. We provide managed services to host private ThingsBoard instances in your Google Cloud infrastructure.”

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