Transformer (endpoints-framework 2.0.0-beta.5 API)

Interface Transformer<TFrom,TTo>

  • Type Parameters:
    TFrom - The type being transformed
    TTo - The type being transformed to

    public interface Transformer<TFrom,TTo>
    An interface used to transform between a bean type and another type during JSON serialization.

    A serializer is constructed using one of the following constructor signatures (sorted by precedence):

    1. A constructor taking in a single java.lang.reflect.Type. This is the type being serialized.
    2. A constructor taking in a single java.lang.Class. This is the class being serialized.
    3. A no-arg constructor
    • Method Detail

      • transformTo

        TTo transformTo(TFrom in)
        Converts the source object into the destination type.
      • transformFrom

        TFrom transformFrom(TTo in)
        Converts an object from the destination type into the source type.

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