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December 15, 2021

v1beta3 & v1

New Lending Processors (Preview)

The following new processors are now available in limited preview:

New Versions of Lending Processors

We have launched new versions of the following lending processors.

These new versions use a new lending document splitting and classification model with improved quality and support for more document types. For more information, see the Document types identified by the Lending Splitter & Classifier.

November 10, 2021


We have lowered the price for many processors. For more information, see the Pricing page.

November 05, 2021


The following procurement processors are now publicly accessible:

We have release a new version of the Document OCR Processor called Google default next. This version changes the distribution of confidence scores in the response. You have 90 days from today to test the new model before the changes are applied to the Google default version . After that event, the original version will still be available for another 90 days as legacy. For more information about using different versions of the processor, see Managing processor versions.

New Lending Processor (Preview)

The Mortgage statement parser is now available in limited preview.

October 15, 2021


Contract DocAI (Preview) released

The Contract parser is now available.

October 06, 2021


Document AI is now generally available (GA) in the following new locations:

  • europe-west2
  • northamerica-northeast1

You must request access to use the new locations. For more information, see Regional and multi-regional support.

September 01, 2021


Document AI now supports Data Residency, VPC-SC, Access Transparency, and CMEK.

August 20, 2021


Managing processor versions

You can now switch between different versions of a processor. For more information, see Managing processor versions.

New processor versions

We have added new versions of the following processors:

  • Bank statement parser: improved model quality
  • Pay slip parser: improved model quality and extraction of three additional fields: net_pay, net_pay_ytd, and employee_account_number.

New Lending DocAI processors

The following Lending DocAI (LDAI) processors are now available in limited Preview:

  • 1065 parser
  • 1099-NEC parser
  • 1099-R parser
  • 1120 parser
  • 1120-S parser
  • SSA-1099 parser

Additionally, the LDAI Document Splitter and Classifier has been updated to support the new LDAI processors as well as the following processors:

  • US Driver License Parser
  • US Passport Parser

Human in the Loop (HITL) support for Lending DocAI processors

The following Lending DocAI processors now support Human in the Loop (HITL):

  • 1003 parser
  • 1040 Parser
  • 1040 Schedule C parser
  • 1040 Schedule E parser
  • 1099-DIV parser
  • 1099-G parser
  • 1099-INT parser
  • 1099-MISC parser
  • Bank Statement parser
  • Pay Stub parser
  • W2 parser
  • W9 parser

Knowledge Graph support

The following processors now support Knowledge Graph enrichment:

  • Bank Statement
  • Pay Slip
  • W2 Parser
  • W9 Parser

July 30, 2021


The Invoice Parser now extracts a new field invoice_type that indicates the type of the input document.

July 02, 2021


Change in processor documentation

The location of individual processor information has changed. You can now find individual processor documentation for all solutions (General, Procurement, Lending) in the following locations:

Human in the Loop (HITL) now supports priority queues for each processor, based on the urgency of each document. For more information, see HITL.

June 09, 2021


VPC Service Controls

Integration with Document AI VPC Service Controls is now generally available.

April 09, 2021


Procurement DocAI General availability (GA) release

Procurement DocAI (PDAI) solution is now available in private General Availability (GA).

This includes the following processors:

Human in the Loop (HITL) support for Procurement DocAI processors

Procurement DocAI processors now support Human in the Loop (HITL) AI platform functionality supporting human revisions of predictions.

Invoice parser behavior update

The invoice parser behavior has been updated to include the following features:

  • Offers extended support for the following languages (in addition to English):
    • French
    • Dutch
    • German
    • Spanish
  • Improves supplier parsing accuracy with Knowledge Graph support.
  • Improves prediction quality (accuracy).
  • Extends the header and line item fields extracted by the parser.
  • Increased the number of pages for online processing (10 pages) and offline processing (200 pages).
  • Increased the number of documents per batch in offline processing (50 documents).

Expense parser (Receipt parser) behavior update

The expense parser behavior has been updated to include the following features:

  • Renamed Receipt parser to Expense parser.
  • Improved prediction quality.
  • Improved prediction quality for English, French, and Dutch for more expense types (for example hotel statements).

Human in the Loop (HITL) AI General Availability (GA) released

HITL AI is now available in Private General Availability (GA) for human review of Invoice, Expense, and Utility parser predictions.


  • HITL configuration enhanced to designate which fields need review and whether a field is mandatory, saving review time.
  • Labeler UI highlights the fields below a confidence score and supports single-click confirmation to improve review efficiency.
  • Labeling Manager shows analytics and metrics by task and by labeler to streamline HITL operations.

April 02, 2021


Lending DocAI General Availability (GA) released

Lending DocAI is now General Availability. See the documentation for more information.

Lending DocAI processors added

The following Lending DocAI processors are now available:

March 31, 2021


Document AI General availability (GA) released

Document AI is now General Availability (GA).

January 14, 2021


New Procurement DocAI processor released in limited Preview

The following Procurement DocAI processor is now available in limited Preview:

  • Procurement document splitter

For more information, see the processor documentation.

January 11, 2021


Lending processors behavior update

The behavior of the following processors has been updated:

  • 1003 parser
  • 1040 parser
  • 1099-MISC parser
  • W2 parser
  • W9 parser

Now, if these processors are given a multi-page input file and contains a page that is the correct document type and one of the supported versions the processor performs entity extraction for that page; subsequent applicable pages will not be processed. If the prcoessor doesn't find any applicable documents in the input file it returns an error message.

October 29, 2020


Document AI Preview released

The following beta and preview features are available in API version v1beta3:

  • Procurement DocAI processors: Invoice parser and receipt parser.

October 16, 2020


Document AI Preview released

The following beta and preview features are available in API version v1beta3:

  • General processors: Document OCR (Optical Character Recognition), form parser, and document splitter.
  • Lending processors: W9, 1040, W2, 1099-MISC, and 1003 parsers, as well as lending document splitter & classifier.

uri field unavailable

  • Sending a request with the uri field is currently not supported for v1beta3. Any updates to the availability of the uri field will be announced here.

Workaround: Send requests with image information in the content field (base64 encoded information).

August 24, 2020


Form Parser model updates

The Form Parser model has been updated. The model update includes the following features:

  • Improved OCR quality for English detection.
  • Improved key-value pair, checkbox, and table parsing detection quality, particularly for rotated images and handwritten text.
  • Decreased latency for complex tables.

August 20, 2020


Invoice Parsing updates

  • Document AI now supports normalized values for certain entities returned from Invoice Parsing requests.
  • We have improved confidence scores for entities returned from Invoice Parsing requests.

July 04, 2020


Invoice Parsing Beta model upgrade

The Invoice Parsing Beta model has been upgraded. This model upgrade results in higher quality results for the entities and entityRelations. There is no API change.

See the product documentation for more information.

April 14, 2020


Document AI Beta released

The following beta features are available in API version v1beta2:

  • Document processing: You can use the API to parse forms or tables from PDF, TIFF, or GIF documents.
  • Regional support: The API now offers multi-regional support (us and eu) for all features. Using a multi-region endpoint enables you to configure the API to store and process your data in the United States or European Union.

Invoice processing Beta

  • Invoice processing is now available as a restricted feature. See Parsing invoices for more information.