Managing processor versions

Every processor has a Google default version that is used, by default, to process incoming documents.

Some processors support additional versions. For example, the Bank Statement parser supports Google default next, which allows you to preview upcoming improvements to the ML model before they are rolled out to Google default. Some processor versions may also be able to detect additional fields.

By switching between different versions, you can choose which ML model is used to process documents.

View the available versions


  1. In the Google Cloud console, in the Document AI section, go to the Processors page.

    Go to the Processors page

  2. Select the processor you want to get information about.

  3. Select the Manage Versions tab.

Change the default version

A processor's default version specifies the version that is currently used to process documents. To change the default version:

  • In a processor's Manage Versions tab, in the Default version dropdown menu, choose a version.

After the change is applied, incoming requests are processed using the newly selected version. If you change the version while the processor is in the middle of a request, the request will continue to use the previously selected version.